About us

The State Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Technical and Technologic Education(SECTET, in Portuguese) is a direct administrative bureau of the State Government of Pará, Brazil.It was established by the State Law number 7.017 of July 24 th, 2007, modified by the State Law number 8.096 of January 1 st, 2015. It aims to plan, coordinate, formulate and monitor the State Policy for Economic, Scientific and Technologic development, as well as promotes, supports and controls the actions related to the development of research and the generation and application of scientific and technological knowledge in the State of Pará.The State Observatory for Science, Technology and Innovation is coordinated by SECTET and provides the following software systems:

- Scientific and Technologic Map
Graphical tool to publicize the Scientific and Technologic Laboratories established in the state of Pará, Brazil

- Scientific Infrastructure
Developed for the coordinators and members of Scientific and Technologic Labs of institutions established in the state of Pará, this software module allows the definition of the Offered Services, Potential Services, Machinery and Technical Staff.The information provided in this module by laboratories? coordinators is used to feed the details presented to the general audience of the Scientific and Technologic Map.

- Indicators of Science and Technology
Provides information on indicators and investments made by public development agencies in the context and Science, Technology and Innovation in Pará and Brazil